Fispak Labels and Shrink Sleeves

Packaging Labels and Shrink Sleeves

Using Gallus printing presses, UV inks and all the expertise of Podanfol, we supply die cut labels on sheets for manual application or in roll form for automatic application.  These can be regular shapes or die cut for special effects on standard or thermo-transfer papers as well as white PE film and transparent Polypropylene.

Meat industry quality adhesives are used as well as specifications for deep freezing, for gluing special materials and extra high bonding strengths.

Gold and silver foil stamping is also offered and UV lacquer is standard as a protection or lamination with other materials can be used for difficult applications.

Thermoshrinkable Labels

Full cover shrink sleeves are printed on the same equipment and, during the design and printing, the contours of the final container are taken into account.  These give the same high quality print result but with 360 degree visualisation. The reverse printing onto the plastic material gives a hugely attractive appealing gloss finish to the design.  The entire container can be covered no matter what the shape.

By covering the closure and adding appropriate perforation, a tamper evident seal may be included.

Additionally, on glass containers, the sleeve helps prevent the glass from spreading in the case of a breakage.

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